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Haitians face hurdles after protected status renewal delays
BOSTON (AP) -- Thousands of Haitian immigrants living in the U.S. legally will face employment and travel hurdles because President Donald Trump's administration delayed the process of re-registering those with temporary protected status, Haitian community leaders and immigrant activists say....
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Trump to Pennsylvania, but don\'t call it a campaign trip
President Donald Trump is tiptoeing around the first congressional election of the new year as he heads to southwestern Pennsylvania on Thursday to hail the Republican tax cuts he signed last year....
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Grandparents shocked by reports of 13 starved grandchildren
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The grandparents of 13 starved and tortured children say their son's family looked happy and healthy when they last visited California six years ago....
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Pope wraps up Chile stop with visit to migrants, on to Peru
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Pope Francis wraps up his Chile visit Thursday by meeting with members of the South American nation's booming immigrant community, who are flocking to the region's strongest and most stable economy but are increasingly the focus of political and social discontent....
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Federal responsibility in nuclear attack alerts is unclear
HONOLULU (AP) -- A timeline shows Hawaii officials botched efforts to immediately correct a false missile alert over the weekend, taking more than 20 minutes to contact federal authorities for approval they didn't need and then taking another 15 minutes to cancel the alert that was sent to mobile devices statewide....
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Russia probes come up against claims of executive privilege
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump's White House is relying on a sweeping interpretation of executive privilege that is rankling members of Congress on both sides of the aisle as current and former advisers parade to Capitol Hill for questioning about possible connections with Russia....
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Pence visit showcases dilemma facing Egypt, Jordan leaders
CAIRO (AP) -- U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's upcoming visit to the Middle East comes at a time of intensely publicized friction between his administration and the Palestinian leadership, posing a dilemma for his Arab hosts - Egypt's president and Jordan's king - on how to safeguard their vital ties with Washington without appearing to ignore Palestinian misgivings....
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Slow-moving winter storm leaves lingering effect in South
DURHAM, N.C. (AP) -- Several Southern states will be dealing with the lingering effects of a slow-moving winter storm that dumped a half-foot (15 centimeters) of snow on North Carolina's largest cities, dusted the Deep South and killed at least 10 people....
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Aziz Ansari story sparks heated debate over #MeToo Movement
The #MeToo movement has been embraced by legions of women as a vital step toward countering widespread sexual abuse and misconduct. This week, more so than at any point in the movement's brief history, there's visceral discussion about its potential for causing harm....
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APNewsBreak: GoDaddy to sponsor Patrick in \'Danica Double\'
Danica Patrick is going back to green....